Epson Compatible Ink Multipack T715

- High quality ink cartridge - Ink formulated in USA - Please check for printer compatibility
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Epson Compatible Ink Multipack T0715 TO WORK WITH THE FOLLOWING PRINTERS: D78 D92 D120 DX4000 DX4050 DX4400 DX4450 DX5000 DX5050 DX6000 DX6050 DX 7000 DX7000F DX7400 DX7450 DX8400 DX8450 DX9400F DX9450 S20 SX100 SX105 SX200 SX205 SX400 SX405 SX115 SX215 SX415 SX515 SX600FW BX300F BX600FW SX610FW S21
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