Board Backed

Board Backed
Board-Backed Envelopes

These strong board back envelopes are one of our best sellers. They have a heavy duty kraft paper front and stiff solid board reverse. Thay are ideal for sending important papers, catalogues, photos or calenders. They are also printed 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' on the manilla envelopes only and have a peal and seal closure.

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Product Name Colour Format Ref Seal Size (mm) Price QTY
C5 Manilla Board-Back Envelope 229x162mm - HB229M (125 Pack) Manilla C5 HB229M Self Seal 229 x 162 £12.50
C5+ Manilla Board-Back Envelope 241x178mm - HB241M (125 Pack) Manilla C5+ HB241M Self Seal 241 x 178 £15.00
C3 Manilla Board-Back Envelope 457x324mm - HB457M (50 Pack) Manilla C3 HB457M Self Seal 457 x 324 £17.50
C6 Manilla Board-Back Envelope 162x114mm - HB162M (250 Pack) Manilla C6 HB162M Self Seal 162 x 114 £17.50
C4 Manilla Board-Back Envelope 324x229mm - HB324M (125 Pack) Manilla C4 HB324M Self Seal 324 x 229 £21.00
C3 Manilla Board-Back Envelope 444x368mm - HB444M (50 Pack) Manilla C3 HB444M Self Seal 444 x 368 £20.00