Purple Mailing Bags

Our opaque mailing sacks made from strong polythene they are tear and water resistant. The lip includes a peel and seal adhesive strip for an efficient and secure permanent closure. Our range is suitable for a large range of items, textiles and printed literature through to larger bulkier boxed items. The surface of the sacks can be written on and accept adhesive labels well. We offer a wide range of sizes and colours from stock.

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Product Name Colour Range Size (mm) 1-4 Packs 5-9 Packs 10-19 Packs 20+ Packs QTY
Purple PP Plastic Mail Sacks 162 x 230mm (100 Pack) Purple High Grade 162 x 230 £7.00 £5.50 £4.50 £3.50
Purple PP Plastic Mail Sacks 250 x 350mm (100 Pack) Purple High Grade 250 x 350 £9.50 £7.00 £5.50 £4.50
Purple PP Plastic Mail Sacks 350 x 500mm (100 Pack) Purple High Grade 350 x 500 £13.00 £11.00 £9.40 £8.20
Purple PP Plastic Mail Sacks 425 x 600mm (100 Pack) Purple High Grade 425 x 600 £18.50 £15.80 £13.50 £11.50